Our cities are the epicentres of global progress.

They are where we’ve developed our heritage and where we’ll dictate our future. And because we’re just beginning the largest wave of urban growth in history, our cities continue to have a profound and lasting effect on both our economic fortunes and our environmental future.

So we’ve set out to make a serious impact. Where our passions lie, the problem is huge and innovation is urgently required. The Urban Stack. The Urban Stack comprises every element of the built environment. From the way our cities are designed, constructed and powered. To the way our citizens live, work and are cared for.

The Urban Stack comprises every layer of the built environment and how we operate and experience it.

At 2150 we back tech entrepreneurs with Constructive Capital.

So they can reimagine and reshape the Urban Stack, for good.

By building companies that leverage structural shifts, kill inefficiencies, remove pain points and enhance environmental upside.

And have the potential to benefit billions of people, create billions in commercial value and lower gigatons of emissions.

We call these outlier companies Gigacorns.

It takes a certain type of entrepreneur to scale these kinds of companies.

Those with the vision and grit to go all the way and the humility to know they won’t get there alone. Who develop proprietary technology, purposeful teams, and progressive cultures.

With a rebellious spirit, unflinching resilience, unbounded resourcefulness and absolute reliability. And the intellectual, technical and executional firepower to create a legacy that will endure. Because they’re not launching the next hot app.

They’re creating the technology champions of the decades to come.