About our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

2150 is a proud partner of Diversity VC, the leaders in diversity and inclusion for the venture capital industry.

Diversity in Venture Capital

At 2150 we believe that people of all identities and groups should have a place in the venture capital ecosystem and entrepreneurship more widely. Therefore we are committed to a culture of diversity, inclusion and mutual respect.

Research shows that diversity helps companies perform better. A diverse workforce creates an environment that enables broader decision-making and improved results.

Great people from any background, any gender and any ethnicity have the potential to solve the world’s biggest problems and develop the technologies of the future. Our focus therefore, must be to ensure that as venture capitalists, we make investing decisions free of structural bias towards specific types of teams. To achieve this at 2150, we have appointed a member of our partnership, Christian Hernandez Gallardo as our Chief D&I officer and put a number of policies in place across our firm:


  • We look beyond our existing networks and post open roles publicly
  • We acknowledge our own unconscious biases and carry out an interview process where candidates can be fairly compared
  • We partner with organisations such as Diversity VC and Future VC to source diverse candidates for our internship programmes and full time roles
  • We hire by committee to allow for multiple viewpoints and perspectives
  • We create a supportive environment for our team, with family leave policies and flexible working policies


  • We proactively source diverse deal flow by tracking diversity metrics in our CRM tools
  • We target a minimum of 40% of all deals to have diverse senior management teams
  • We support diverse founders at early stages to provide feedback and guidance
  • We include D&I metrics within our due diligence questions
  • We have an ‘Inclusion Clause” in our standard term sheet so underrepresented candidates have an equal opportunity for an open executive position in a portfolio company
  • We encourage portfolio companies to identify one D&I objective to address at every board meeting

The Diversity VC Standard

Following Diversity VC’s assessment, we are extremely proud to have achieved The Diversity VC Standard for 2150.

The Diversity VC Standard aims to set a benchmark for best practice on diversity and inclusion within the venture capital industry and aims to raise awareness within the broader technology ecosystem.



We continue to search for the best talent to join our team. To submit an application, please contact us at careers@2150.vc with a CV and covering letter.