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A growing collective of purpose driven founders making big change

These entrepreneurs have suspended our disbelief in a sustainable future built on cutting edge technology innovation that is sometimes hard to imagine.

Previous investments by the team

Hospitality | Digital

A touch free, carbon neutral short stay experience designed for a post COVID-19 reality. Bob W welcomes contemporary travellers across the Nordics, UK, and Eastern Europe

Property Management | SaaS

Proper offers landlords an end to end software platform for managing all aspects tenancies from onboarding, to payments, and ongoing communications

Water Recycling | Climate Tech

Rocket science based circular shower system saving 90% water and 80% energy compared to a regular shower.

Geospatial Analytics | SaaS

Helping companies make intelligent decisions and build better products using location data from its Real World Graph.

Smart Buildings | AI

With a powerful yet nimble deep tech product, PassiveLogic brings intelligence and automation to any building regardless of size reducing energy usage by 35%.

Construction | AI

Using computer vision AI and deep industry insights, Disperse transforms construction sites and with a SaaS platform that boosts productivity and reduces waste.

Health | Online Delivery

Mobile first pharmacy delivering prescription medicines directly to people’s homes.

DTC | Subscription

Serving over 1 million dogs monthly with subscriptions of food, toys, treats and more. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (BARK)

Customer Service | SaaS

Market leading cloud software platform for customer service operations founded in Copenhagen and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ZEN).

Design & Construction | SaaS

AI-driven design and planning for developers, architects and cities. Spacemaker enables high speed collaboration, optimal decision making, and sustainable outcomes.